Health Benefits of Fennel Tea | Know How to Make it

From digestive problems to weight loss, health benefits of fennel tea is useful, know the benefits and how to make

Health Benefits of Fennel Tea

Often, anise is used as a dish and as a mouth refresher. But have you ever used fennel to make tea? Probably not. Whether it is fennel water or fennel tea, both of these are full of many benefits for you. Fennel seeds have many powerful health benefits. Drinking soaked fennel seeds in water helps you to keep the body cool and hydrated. Because they act as a cooling agent. In addition, aniseed is considered good for controlling blood pressure, weight loss, dehydration and eyes. On the other hand, if you consume fennel tea, it is helpful in keeping you away from digestive problems. Let us tell you here why you should drink fennel tea and what is the way to make it.

How to make fennel tea
•  To make fennel tea, first of all add 2 cups of water to the tea pan.
•  Now you add 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds and let these seeds boil with water.
•  After boiling water for 3-4 minutes, you add 3-4 mint leaves and boil for 2-3 minutes more.
•  Then remove it from the gas and strain the sieve.
•  You can add honey and lemon juice to taste it and then enjoy this tea.

Other Health Benefits of Fennel Tea
Here we are telling you why you should drink fennel tea:

1- Helpful in Weight Loss
Consuming fennel tea can be beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight. Because fennel tea promotes your digestion and reduces your appetite. Which helps you to complete your weight loss journey and achieve the goal.

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2- Beneficial for Asthma Patients
Fennel tea is considered good for asthma patients. Some studies also suggest that tea consumed in or between fennel can reduce asthma symptoms. Aniseed is full of anti-oxidants and is helpful in reducing inflammation.

3- For Dehydration
In summer, fennel tea or fennel water can be very helpful to avoid dehydration. Fennel has cooling and hydrating properties, which help keep the body cool and hydrated.

4- Reduce Period Pain
Hot tea of ​​fennel can reduce the pain of your periods. You can get relief by drinking 1 cup of fennel tea when you suffer stomach cramps during periods. In addition, it is helpful in improving your sleep and eliminating insomnia. Because fennel tea also contains magnesium, which helps in better sleep.

5- For High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
Fennel tea is also helpful in keeping your blood pressure and blood sugar under control. This is because fennel contains potassium, which helps control BP. At the same time, according to studies, it has also been found that fennel can control your blood sugar.

6- For Eyesight
Vitamin-A is found in fennel and vitamin A is a nutritional element that helps to enhance your eyesight. If you consume fennel tea daily, it can protect the eyesight from weakening. Apart from this, you can take fennel steam on the eyes for minor eye problems such as eye irritation or itching.

7- Control Cholesterol
Aniseed tea is also rich in fiber, which is beneficial in controlling cholesterol. The fiber present in fennel tea prevents cholesterol from dissolving in the blood. So that your cholesterol level is controlled and you are also away from heart diseases.

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8- For Breast Feeding Women
An element called ethanol is found in fennel, which is phytoestrogen. It is considered to be helpful in increasing milk or pardoning milk production in women. If a woman is unable to feed her newborn baby, she may consume fennel tea or fennel water.

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